We Begin

When I was struggling in my marriage, looking for resources on living with an alcoholic husband, I felt lost. I tried Al-Anon, and while it helped, I wanted more anonymity. I wanted to talk to and read about women like me in the privacy of my home. Women who loved their husbands deeply, but were struggling to make their marriage work in the midst of chronic alcoholism. I couldn’t find anything and I felt so alone. And so, three years after I chose to leave my dear husband, I am finally ready to share my story.

My hope is that there are others like me who need to know they, too, are not alone. You are not alone. There is hope and there is joy on the other side, if you chose the other side. And there is also a continued sadness that I hope to ease by pouring out my soul.


p.s. “Affected Other” is a clinical diagnosis given to the loved ones of substance abusers. I used to resent it. Now I own it.



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